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Mergers & Acquisitions / Joint Ventures


When you’re facing an acquisition head-on, you want a tested and knowledgeable law firm that’s handled both large and small deals. You want experienced mergers and acquisitions lawyers who can be equally aggressive and practical in the negotiations, as the situation calls for, and that can foresee and provide for the issues that can arise long after the closing. Whether it’s an acquisition, sale, joint venture or some other type of business combination, the Paul Ellis Law Group provides the expertise that will set you up for success.

Our m&a lawyers have extensive experience representing clients engaged in asset or stock purchases, mergers, joint ventures, strategic partnerships and leveraged buy-outs. Our corporate law mergers and acquisitions advise companies that are preparing to enter the M&A market, offer guidance on transaction structure, draft and review term sheets and letters of intent, advise on and perform due diligence review, negotiate and draft documentation and assist with post-closing integration. Paul Ellis Law Group ( mergers and acquisitions law firm ) offers sophisticated expertise in complex cross-border transactions and manage the fast, efficient documentation and closing of smaller deals. Our attorneys have represented clients in transactions ranging in size from several hundred thousand to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Our mergers and acquisitions attorney work with buyers to focus on the key elements of value to be derived through a potential acquisition. Our analysis then guides negotiations, documentation and due diligence for a process that is as fast, efficient and cost-effective as possible. Our goal is to ensure that the buyer has the opportunity to become well-informed regarding the acquisition target and is pursuing a negotiation strategy designed to protect against downside risk and realize on expectations.

Our work with sellers includes long-term strategic planning, advising on alternative opportunities and transaction structures, vigorous negotiation, and careful documentation of deal terms as well as disclosure items. This is intended to achieve the best possible results and maximum realization of objectives for our clients.

In The Words Of Our Clients

I was pleased to be able to work with the Paul Ellis Law Group attorneys in connection with the merger of a division of my company with another company in a similar line of business. This was not an easy deal as there was a lot of complexity in some of the provisions, it was heavily-negotiated and had significant time pressure. Throughout, the PELG team was absolutely on top of all of the issues and was super-responsive. Their expertise really showed through in identifying the unintended consequences of provisions that were initially proposed by the business people and then proposing alternative solutions in an effort to get the deal done. They were aggressive advocates when needed, but were able to dial it back to find a compromise when appropriate. I would certainly work with PELG again on a similar deal and I continue to rely on them for general corporate matters.

Christopher DeSantisCEO, RICG

I consider myself a savvy business person, but selling my company was my first M&A transaction. Paul and his team were great. They explained the process, the options I had to consider and helped me through many complicated and complex decisions. If you're looking for an attorney to help prepare for a sale or navigate the sale process, Paul and his team are a great choice.

Bruce EckfeldtFounder/CEO

We have been working with Paul Ellis for several years and have found his common sense, insightful and reasoned approach in a variety of legal areas to be of great value. We are always amazed at Paul’s ability to absorb quickly the nuances of a particular situation and arrive at an effective legal strategy to move forward. The expertise of Paul and his associates has been invaluable in drafting well-designed agreements that protect the best interest of our organizations. We always feel it gives us a great advantage to have Paul Ellis Law Group in our corner.

Bob SternPresident, Projects In Knowledge, Inc. and At Point of Care, LLC

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