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International Business


Whether incoming or outgoing, we have the experience you’ll need for structuring, negotiating and documenting cross-border transactions. For those starting operations in a new market, between our background in assisting foreign companies entering the US and our network of foreign counsel, we’re with you every step along the way.

For companies that are establishing business operations in the US, we can advise on the initial considerations in establishing a US presence, including the tax implications, and then can establish US-based subsidiaries as necessary. We assist with the numerous legal implications. including licensing and compliance, employment issues, intellectual property protection and real estate. We can make recommendations of other service providers and resources, including accountants, real estate and insurance brokers and recruiters.

We work with companies and investors choosing to enter the US market through acquisition of or investment in an existing US-based company or through some type of joint venture, distribution, licensing or partnering arrangement. For this type of transactional work, we assist with our knowledge of US market norms and practices and will advise on establishing a tax efficient structure for the transaction. We can collaborate with overseas counsel to select, negotiate and document a transaction structure that meets the overall business objectives while offering necessary protection under US law.

Our domestic clients often look to us for assistance in establishing or expanding their operations internationally, whether to access new market opportunities, for tax structuring reasons or otherwise. For these engagements, we will advise on alternatives for establishing an international presence and will assess the tax implications of each. We have a network of local counsel in foreign jurisdictions with which we collaborate in establishing offshore entities and advising on local laws. Then we will work with local counsel in structuring and documenting the relationships between the domestic and offshore entities.

For our domestic clients engaged in overseas transactional work, whether the acquisition or sale of a company, or a joint venture or partnering arrangement, the attorneys of the Paul Ellis Law Group have many years of experience “doing deals” abroad. We are adept in managing the tax and structuring considerations involved in cross-border transactional work. We collaborate with local counsel to assist our clients in achieving their objectives while protecting their businesses and their intellectual property and other critical assets.

In The Words Of Our Clients

We have had the utmost pleasure of working with the Paul Ellis Law Group. As a non-US company looking to secure crowdfunding from US investors, PELG has been instrumental in getting us acquainted with US regulations, corporate law and compliance issues. Besides handling all legal work around our successful crowdfunding raise, PELG has helped us with various corporate governance issues ranging from shareholders agreements to employee options. Their attention to detail yet swift feedback and handling of matters has enabled us to move forward at the accelerated pace that was often required.

Haver JärveojaCOO, Wolfprint 3D

We have been working with Paul Ellis for several years and have found his common sense, insightful and reasoned approach in a variety of legal areas to be of great value. We are always amazed at Paul’s ability to absorb quickly the nuances of a particular situation and arrive at an effective legal strategy to move forward. The expertise of Paul and his associates has been invaluable in drafting well-designed agreements that protect the best interest of our organizations. We always feel it gives us a great advantage to have Paul Ellis Law Group in our corner.

Bob SternPresident, Projects In Knowledge, Inc. and At Point of Care, LLC

I was pleased to be able to work with the Paul Ellis Law Group attorneys in connection with the merger of a division of my company with another company in a similar line of business. This was not an easy deal as there was a lot of complexity in some of the provisions, it was heavily-negotiated and had significant time pressure. Throughout, the PELG team was absolutely on top of all of the issues and was super-responsive. Their expertise really showed through in identifying the unintended consequences of provisions that were initially proposed by the business people and then proposing alternative solutions in an effort to get the deal done. They were aggressive advocates when needed, but were able to dial it back to find a compromise when appropriate. I would certainly work with PELG again on a similar deal and I continue to rely on them for general corporate matters.

Christopher DeSantisCEO, RICG