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Individual & Institutional Investors


With their many years of practice, the attorneys of the Paul Ellis Law Group are comfortable handling matters for all types of investors. We provide support as needed for our experienced clients who know exactly what they need, while educating and guiding investors who may be new to the market. Whether you need high-level advice on a smaller deal or sophisticated assistance on a complex transaction, we can do it cleanly and efficiently.

Our attorneys represent investors of all types, including high net worth individual investors, family offices and VC funds. They look to us to assist with a variety of issues, whether diligencing, documenting and closing a transaction that has already been negotiated, structuring a deal and negotiating a Term Sheet and/or assisting them to develop an understanding of the available investment structures. We work with all manner of investment vehicles, including preferred equity, convertible notes and SAFEs, and we are familiar with the various industry standard forms.

Our angel investor clients have found the firm to be particularly well-suited to their needs, given our expertise in early-stage investing, personalized, boutique firm attention and reasonable cost structure. For our clients who are new to early-stage financing, we assist them in understanding the advantages and disadvantages of various deal structures and the relative importance and negotiability of various deal terms.

For our institutional clients and our individual and family office clients who are frequent investors, we support the principals in negotiating and closing transactions or – should the client so desire – we can take over and conduct the negotiation and closing process based on their investment criteria. Our clients who are accustomed to being the sole investor or to leading investment rounds will sometimes look to us to develop a standard investment template that will become the basis for all of their portfolio investments. For our angel investor clients in particular, the investment size always needs to factor in to the services we provide, and we work with our clients to calibrate our level of attention to the amount being invested and the risk profile of the investment opportunity.

The amount of work we do with investors and with issuers keeps us abreast of trends in the marketplace and the latest developments in deal terms. In addition, our work with the New York Tech Alliance provides a valuable way for us to keep our finger on the pulse of the technology and investment community.

In The Words Of Our Clients

We have been working with Paul Ellis for several years and have found his common sense, insightful and reasoned approach in a variety of legal areas to be of great value. We are always amazed at Paul’s ability to absorb quickly the nuances of a particular situation and arrive at an effective legal strategy to move forward. The expertise of Paul and his associates has been invaluable in drafting well-designed agreements that protect the best interest of our organizations. We always feel it gives us a great advantage to have Paul Ellis Law Group in our corner.

Bob SternPresident, Projects In Knowledge, Inc. and At Point of Care, LLC

Paul Ellis and his team have been great to work with. Regardless of the complexity of matters, they have provided prompt, insightful and actionable guidance towards helping achieve business goals both with contracts and strategic decisions. Unlike other law firms working with early stage companies, personal attention was always provided by senior lawyers when it mattered while cost-effectively using attorneys with lower hourly rates whenever appropriate.

Gerry Seidmanserial entrepreneur

We have had the utmost pleasure of working with the Paul Ellis Law Group. As a non-US company looking to secure crowdfunding from US investors, PELG has been instrumental in getting us acquainted with US regulations, corporate law and compliance issues. Besides handling all legal work around our successful crowdfunding raise, PELG has helped us with various corporate governance issues ranging from shareholders agreements to employee options. Their attention to detail yet swift feedback and handling of matters has enabled us to move forward at the accelerated pace that was often required.

Haver JärveojaCOO, Wolfprint 3D

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