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Financing / Venture Capital


Structuring debt and equity offerings shouldn’t be an attorney’s secondary area of expertise. We bring significant knowledge and experience to these vital concerns, so that you won’t be facing any unpleasant surprises down the road. We’ve handled VC, angel and other financing transactions of all sizes and across many industries, so that closing the deal is cause for celebration, not a cause for concern.

Our attorneys have many years of experience with debt and equity offerings, private placements and securities law compliance. In the public arena, we are adept at counseling clients through all aspects of a public offering, including pre-offering strategic considerations, preparation of disclosure documentation, managing due diligence, structuring appropriate equity incentive plans and maneuvering through the offering process.

In the area of venture capital and seed and angel finance, our attorneys have significant experience in the representation of emerging growth companies and are familiar with the variety of investment structures, including preferred equity, convertible notes and SAFEs. In addition, we have represented several clients in the continually developing area of equity crowdfunding. We have a sophisticated understanding of the issues driving the negotiations on both sides of the table, enabling us to provide our clients with practical advice on strategy and market terms. In a field where efficiency and cost control are essential, we offer our clients extensive experience and practical judgment in assessing the benefits and costs inherent in their negotiating positions.

As the negotiations and documentation proceed, we can assist issuers in understanding and negotiating the various complex issues that can arise. Throughout the process we offer practical advice to assist our clients in complying with securities laws while preserving maximum flexibility to pursue financing opportunities.

In The Words Of Our Clients

We have had the utmost pleasure of working with the Paul Ellis Law Group. As a non-US company looking to secure crowdfunding from US investors, PELG has been instrumental in getting us acquainted with US regulations, corporate law and compliance issues. Besides handling all legal work around our successful crowdfunding raise, PELG has helped us with various corporate governance issues ranging from shareholders agreements to employee options. Their attention to detail yet swift feedback and handling of matters has enabled us to move forward at the accelerated pace that was often required.

Haver JärveojaCOO, Wolfprint 3D

Whenever I have consulted with Paul Ellis, he has engaged me in a conversation where his expertise and experience with early-stage companies plays a major role. What is of equal significance for me in our exchanges is that Paul really listens. As a result, his contributions are thought-provoking as well as thoughtful.

Consulting with Paul inevitably takes me further in my resolve and leads to a successful outcome because he reflects with genuine consideration for the other person.

Roger ShepherdPresident & CEO, panOpticon

We've worked with Paul and his team ever since our startup first incorporated, and his services were invaluable in every stage of our company -- from the initial organization through to fundraising, stock issuance and everything else. He understands the challenges facing young companies and brings the knowledge, the experience and, above all, the personal involvement that makes such a difference. You get the sense that he really cares about your success.

Daniel GelenterCEO, Dittach LLC

We have worked with Paul Ellis for more than 15 years. As a small Cosmetics company, we have had the privilege of working directly with Paul. His tremendous senior-level legal expertise has helped steer the company to greater success. The cost structure has been very reasonable which is crucial to a young company.

Paul feels like a true member of our Real Cosmetics team. He is genuine in his concern for the best interests of the company. Always kind, honest and efficient Paul and his team offer not only legal expertise but have offered important referrals and connections to potential partners and investors.

Lubna KhalidCEO, Real Cosmetics, Inc.

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