Employment / Executive Compensation


The attorneys of the Paul Ellis Law Group work with management and with employees to negotiate and document employment and consulting arrangements in order to establish clear expectations and obligations at the front end. Our goal is the same as yours: avoiding misunderstandings at the back end.

Our advice to companies on their personnel-related issues includes negotiation and drafting of employment and consulting agreements, restrictive covenant agreements concerning confidentiality, non-competition and non-solicitation and severance and termination agreements. We advise management on structuring equity plans, profit-sharing plans and other compensation arrangements to properly align incentives among employers and employees. Our employment practice is supported by our securities practice as necessary for issuance of equity awards and implementation of the related equity plans. We support our company clients in the preparation of employee handbooks and in advising on best employment practices and necessary policies and procedures to reduce the risk of employment-related claims.

We advise our individual clients at the time of entry into or exiting from an employment or consulting relationship. At the outset, we assist in negotiating their agreements and compensation packages, including any equity award. Upon the termination of their employment or engagement, we assist in advising them on their rights and obligations and in reviewing and, if necessary, negotiating any termination or severance agreement and in ensuring they achieve the maximum benefit from any equity award they may have received.

In The Words Of Our Clients

We have worked with Paul Ellis for more than 15 years. As a small Cosmetics company, we have had the privilege of working directly with Paul. His tremendous senior-level legal expertise has helped steer the company to greater success. The cost structure has been very reasonable which is crucial to a young company.

Paul feels like a true member of our Real Cosmetics team. He is genuine in his concern for the best interests of the company. Always kind, honest and efficient Paul and his team offer not only legal expertise but have offered important referrals and connections to potential partners and investors.

Lubna KhalidCEO, Real Cosmetics, Inc.

Paul and the team of attorneys he works with are quite simply the best. Every person we have worked with at the Paul Ellis Law Group has been bright, creative, and experienced. They are chess players – they are able to look at the entire board and foresee potential issues and recommend actions to guard against them. They are careful, they think through each move and see how it might affect future moves.

Paul and his team have created tremendous value for our company by making sure we protected our IP at a crucial time and making sure that our formation documents protected the integrity and continued viability of the Company in the event of co-founder turmoil (which came to pass). At the time, these measures seemed like overkill. Now we know better. My partner and I have sheepishly admitted to others that we love our lawyers – we do.

Jennifer SclarCEO, Clear Health Analytics

We have had the utmost pleasure of working with the Paul Ellis Law Group. As a non-US company looking to secure crowdfunding from US investors, PELG has been instrumental in getting us acquainted with US regulations, corporate law and compliance issues. Besides handling all legal work around our successful crowdfunding raise, PELG has helped us with various corporate governance issues ranging from shareholders agreements to employee options. Their attention to detail yet swift feedback and handling of matters has enabled us to move forward at the accelerated pace that was often required.

Haver JärveojaCOO, Wolfprint 3D

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Paul Ellis, Organizer and Panelist