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We dedicate a member of our team to focus on your company’s needs, giving you the benefits of an “outside general counsel.” Our attorneys bring many years of experience to every aspect of your company, focusing our knowledge and expertise on your specific needs and concerns. You won’t be wasting your time explaining the ins and outs of your business; we’ll have the right people assigned to you with the knowledge to tackle any job that’s needed.

For smaller clients, our attorneys often handle the daily legal issues, contractual and otherwise, that arise in the operations of their organizations. The experience of our corporate attorneys as in-house counsel or as outside general counsel gives us a clear understanding of the role of lawyer as part of the management team and the importance of managing daily legal functions in a timely, cost-conscious manner.

We handle the formation of corporations, LLCs and other types of entities, and regularly assist with corporate governance activities including annual meetings, board meetings and resolutions. We draft, revise and interpret shareholders agreements and LLC operating agreements. Together with our tax co-counsel, we draft option plans and other types of equity incentive arrangements in the corporate and LLC context. We negotiate, draft and advise on license agreements, distribution agreements, software development agreements, nondisclosure agreements and other commercial agreements as appropriate for the particular businesses of our clients.

Regardless of the task, we take a practical, businessperson’s approach to crafting workable, efficient solutions. We understand that our clients are focused on achieving specific business objectives, and are looking for us to present them with legal strategies that support those goals. We identify potential pitfalls and assist them in identifying and assessing their risks, a responsibility that we take very seriously. Providing our clients with appropriate protection while facilitating their operations, balancing “get it done” with “get it done right,” and doing it all with an eye to our clients’ legal budgets and cost constraints is a skill at which we have become adept.

In The Words Of Our Clients

I was pleased to be able to work with the Paul Ellis Law Group attorneys in connection with the merger of a division of my company with another company in a similar line of business. This was not an easy deal as there was a lot of complexity in some of the provisions, it was heavily-negotiated and had significant time pressure. Throughout, the PELG team was absolutely on top of all of the issues and was super-responsive. Their expertise really showed through in identifying the unintended consequences of provisions that were initially proposed by the business people and then proposing alternative solutions in an effort to get the deal done. They were aggressive advocates when needed, but were able to dial it back to find a compromise when appropriate. I would certainly work with PELG again on a similar deal and I continue to rely on them for general corporate matters.

Christopher DeSantisCEO, RICG

We have been working with Paul Ellis for several years and have found his common sense, insightful and reasoned approach in a variety of legal areas to be of great value. We are always amazed at Paul’s ability to absorb quickly the nuances of a particular situation and arrive at an effective legal strategy to move forward. The expertise of Paul and his associates has been invaluable in drafting well-designed agreements that protect the best interest of our organizations. We always feel it gives us a great advantage to have Paul Ellis Law Group in our corner.

Bob SternPresident, Projects In Knowledge, Inc. and At Point of Care, LLC

Paul Ellis and his team have been great to work with. Regardless of the complexity of matters, they have provided prompt, insightful and actionable guidance towards helping achieve business goals both with contracts and strategic decisions. Unlike other law firms working with early stage companies, personal attention was always provided by senior lawyers when it mattered while cost-effectively using attorneys with lower hourly rates whenever appropriate.

Gerry Seidmanserial entrepreneur

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