Litigation / Dispute Resolution

The Firm’s highly-skilled litigators represent companies of all sizes as well as individuals. Our size and cost structure enables us to be equally effective in handling complex commercial matters as well as smaller, more routine matters. Our attorneys have practiced before state and federal courts, as well as in a range of arbitral and other alternative dispute resolution forums.

We are aggressive advocates for our clients and are ready and willing to litigate matters to trial when called for. However, we recognize that each dispute is unique, and that litigation strategy must be carefully tailored to the matter at hand. We work with our clients to achieve a balance between their objectives and the strength of their legal position, in an effort to develop a litigation strategy crafted to most likely achieve those objectives, while managing the risks and being mindful of costs. Through such an approach our litigation practice can become a powerful tool in the service of our clients’ goals – a capability that need not always be fully-deployed to achieve the desired result, but one that is highly effective when it proves necessary.

Once the underlying goal of a project or an engagement has been established, we work with the client to craft a strategy calculated to achieve the desired result as expeditiously and cost-effectively as possible.

Before our clients commit the time and expense to a transaction or matter, we will work with them in clarifying their objectives and testing their assumptions, thus doing our best to ensure that the potential benefits justify the costs and any potential risks.

We understand that our clients are focused on achieving specific business objectives, and are looking for us to present them with legal strategies that support those goals. At the same time, they are counting on us to identify potential pitfalls and to assist them in identifying and assessing their risks, a responsibility that we take very seriously.

Providing our clients with appropriate protection while facilitating their operations, balancing 'get it done' with 'get it done right,' and doing it all with an eye to our clients’ legal budgets and cost constraints can be a challenging task, but it is one that we strive to achieve and is a skill at which we have become adept.

Our depth of practice in VC and angel financing has given us a sophisticated understanding of the issues driving the negotiations on both sides of the table, enabling us to provide our clients with practical advice on strategy and market terms. In a field where efficiency and cost control are essential, we offer our clients extensive experience and practical judgment in assessing the benefits and costs inherent in their negotiating positions.

We frequently receive referrals from some of New York’s largest law firms in situations where they have an internal conflict, are unable to handle a matter efficiently or for some other reason. They trust us to assist their clients and contacts when they are unable to do so.